Violin Store Calgary

Violin Store Calgary

Buy a violin at Music Works. You can buy it online, but also in any of our stores. You can come and try any bowed instrument in our stores in Calgary and British Columbia. There, our specialists will help you to solve any doubts you may have, as well as give you advice to make the best possible choice, so that your experience with Music Works will be unforgettable and you will always be willing to repeat. In case you want to buy via web it is important that you know that you will receive your order within 48 hours maximum, as long as the product is in stock.

And remember, in all your orders, online or in-store you have a guarantee because we have the best brands of violins.

Affordable bowed instruments

Violin Store Calgary

We have a great diversity of instruments, from the most economical to the highest range of violins, cellos, violas, etc. All this with the best value for money. We have brands such as Carlo Giordano Cervini Cremona Memphis or Valencia. We are leaders in selling bowed instruments, so do not hesitate and buy a violin in our stores in Calgary. Come in and see which one is your preferred option.

Great variety of bowed instruments

Do you want to buy cheap violin? You are in the right place. At Music Works, you'll find violins, double basses, cellos and violas at a great price. We have ½ violin, ¼ violin and ¾ violin. If you want to start playing the violin our Memphis brand is ideal for beginners, it has all the necessary features for the beginning of the study. We also have a variety of bow accessories: violin bridge, pegs, shoulder pads, rosin and everything you need to have your violin ready. Buy your violin online or in any of our stores.

Still in doubt?

Violin Store Calgary

If you are still not sure what you want to buy, come to our violin store in Calgary for help from our staff. In our music store you will receive all the necessary information related to your first violin.

One of our staff or teachers can guide you on which is the best violin to choose in case you are a beginner or have experience with the instrument. Do not hesitate to approach us and enhance your talent.

Why choose us?

We are a music store and academy built on excellence. 40 years of training students and music teachers in various instruments and areas of music. we are also an instrument store and have an instrument repair center.

By visiting Calgary Music School and all its locations in Alberta and British Columbia you will witness a place that offers quality to all its visitors.

Contact us

Want to learn a new instrument, learn to sing or compose, or don't know where to repair your broken guitar? come to our Calgary, Alberta location. You can also visit our website or email us at for all kinds of information on lessons, instrument repairs and sales.

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Violin Store Calgary
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